Vegetable garden
A sublime garden creation

Château Colbert - Vegetable garden Château Colbert - Vegetable garden
Château Colbert - Vegetable garden
Château Colbert - Vegetable garden

The Colbert vegetable garden
A place invested with passion and skill

The kitchen garden of the Château was deemed the finest vegetable garden in France in 2016. And for good reason, because where there was just a wasteland here 20 years ago, a sublime vegetable garden of 8000 m2 has been re-established in accordance with the original 18th century plans of the Château and the remaining greenhouse has been restored.

An irrigation system to harvest rainwater naturally has been constructed.

The hotel has opted to be environmentally friendly, so we use no pesticides or weed killers. All the vegetables and fruits we cultivate are grown organically, adding an ethical aspect to this sublime garden creation.

A tour of the kitchen vegetable garden

The Château Colbert invites the curious to discover this extraordinary kitchen vegetable garden during a ninety-minute tour available by reservation and conducted by the hotel’s gardener-potagiste. Tips from an expert, insights into little-known vegetables and aromatic herbs... All the secrets of our kitchen vegetable garden will be yours.

House of butterflies

The vegetable garden hides another secret; a butterfly exhibition space. The château owner's son has travelled the world hunting butterflies for his work as an entomologist. Part of his private collection has been displayed here to surprise guests.

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