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Château Colbert
“My home is your castle”

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Château life begins here.


Come and taste French excellence and elegance at the Château Colbert. This prestigious hotel has stood proudly in its exceptional setting in the heart of Anjou since September 1679.

Rich in history, the château has become the charming destination of choice for a romantic break, a discovery weekend, an unforgettable wedding or a smoothly professional conference.

Spacious rooms, a gourmet restaurant, a majestic central staircase, a marvellous vegetable garden... The many treasures of our establishment will help to make your stay truly memorable.

Rooms & Suites
Nights of dream and a dream of a night
in the embrace of the Château Colbert!

Who has never dreamed of enjoying an extra-special experience within the walls of a château steeped in history,
a charming establishment in which every object, every detail is important?

Come and spend the night of your dreams in one of the rooms of our hotel.
The Prestige Rooms are former ceremonial chambers in which harmony reigns supreme.

Like architectural jewel boxes, they will introduce you to the art de vivre à la française; the French art of living.
These charming rooms invite you to partake of their inviting and comfortable ambiance for an experience you will always remember.

If you are travelling with family or friends, the Family Rooms will enable you to enjoy precious moments of togetherness.

Château Colbert

Restaurant Le Stofflet
A gourmet restaurant in the heart
of the Pays de la Loire

The beauty of the decor and the integrity of its presentation...
The gourmet restaurant Le Stofflet is a true theatre of flavours.

After gathering knowledge, honing his skills and gaining experience in various highly regarded restaurants,
our chef Jean-Yves Massonnet honours the Château Colbert with his latest gourmet dishes.
Inspired by the terroir and the seasons, the chef’s cuisine gives pride of place to regional
produce and that of the hotel’s own vegetable garden.

With its gold leaf, Grand Siecle crystal chandeliers and superb setting with large windows
looking out over the Parc Oriental de Maulévrier, Le Stofflet has everything needed to enchant you.

Château Colbert

But also...


Meetings, conferences, seminars, talks... The Château team is happy to take charge of organising your professional function and is at your service in finding the most suitable package for your needs, whether in terms of conference rooms, accommodation or catering.

Château Colbert

Everything is provided for an
event to remember...

Luxury, tranquillity, charm and nature!


The Château is an invitation, a poem, a journey. This prestigious building, a charming little Versailles, is the place you have always dreamed of as the setting for the most beautiful day of your life. Thanks to its many treasures, it can offer you magic and luxury for an event that will remain forever etched in your memory.


Château Colbert


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