The Château Colbert
Château life starts here,
amidst an exceptional setting

The exquisite loveliness of the gardens, the magic of the main courtyard, the elegant Château built of tufa and granite, the majestic statuary... From the moment of arrival, everything about this exceptional hotel will enchant you.

Having passed through the doors, you will be transported by the elegant and warm atmosphere, the play of shadows and light, the discreet luxury. The lobby beneath its coffered dome and the staircase of honour will draw you into the dreamlike ambiance of Château life.

Spend a night, a weekend or longer in the Prestige Rooms enjoying blissful slumber in a four-poster bed, relaxing in the bar, exploring the reception rooms, savouring the gourmet delights of the restaurant Le Stofflet, strolling the garden’s paths, taking the air on the beautiful terrace with its stunning views of the Parc Oriental de Maulévrier... Beautiful discoveries and caringly attentive service will accompany you throughout your stay in this prestigious and harmonious place.

A myriad of exhilarating emotions and experiences are waiting to be turned into golden memories.

Château Colbert
Château Colbert

Bar • Billiards • Tea Room

The Château Colbert is the perfect place to enjoy relaxing moments throughout the day.

The tastefully decorated bar is a haven of peace. Do not miss the opportunity to sip a hot drink and settle down by the fireplace with a good book or enjoy a cocktail in good company.

Anglophiles will succumb to the charms of the billiards room and its cosy ambiance evoked by tweed and a Scottish touch.

Relax by socialising or savouring a fine whisky.

Lovers of fine food will find complete satisfaction

Start your day serenely in beautiful surroundings. The art of French hospitality is an essential facet of the Château at breakfast and throughout the day.

Our generously stocked buffet ensures you enjoy the best possible start to the day.

Fruit juices, viennoiseries and other delights will please those with a sweet tooth while eggs, sausages and various cheeses will satisfy all who prefer a savoury first meal of the day.

Lovers of fine food will find complete satisfaction.

Château Colbert - Breakfast
Château Colbert - Vegetable garden

Vegetable garden

Voted the most beautiful vegetable garden in France in 2016 and the most remarkable garden in 2019, the vegetable garden of the Château Colbert has many treasures that burst into vibrant life throughout the summer.

Hotel guests can enjoy the vegetable garden at their leisure. It is also open to the general public.

After tasting the vegetable garden’s fresh delights in the restaurant, diners can take the opportunity to stroll along the verdant aisles and see where much of the produce they have savoured comes from.

Château Colbert


The Château enjoys a beautiful green setting that offers an irresistible invitation to take leisurely walks in the fresh air. The adjoining Parc Oriental was an integral part of the Château grounds until 1976, when it was acquired by the local authority.

Today, however, it remains an essential aspect of the pleasantly bucolic view commanded by the Château. The gardens of the Château are meticulously planted with English roses, a stand of lime trees and Virginia tulip trees.

The terrace of the castle is embellished with a remarkable selection of statuary, including grotesque figurines similar to those of Versailles, copies of statues found at Rambouillet and the Palais Royal, and a beautiful Diana, goddess of the hunt, whose original is in the Louvre, all of which delights art lovers.

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